Mobile HD TV Tuner Mini Digital DVB-T Micro USB

Mobile HD TV Tuner Mini Digital DVB-T Micro USB  фото 6428

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Turn your Android device into a mobile television, and you can watching TV (DVB-T) on Android Phone / Tablet, letting you enjoy live TV anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Digital TV Receiver,watch online digital TV broadcasts
Perfect compatible for smartphones, you can watch TV programs online anywhere with DVB-T signal
Simple design and easy to operate, as long as your devices have Micro USB data transmission interface
Low power consumption, do not worry about battery life of device, the power consumption is equivalent to 1/2 of WIFI
Compact portable size and lightweight

Applications:Android mobile display device- mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, PMP, etc.
System Requirements:Android 4.1 to 4.4
Supports standard DVB -T Frequency: 474 ~ 858 MHz (UHF)

ISDB-T frequency: 470 ~ 862 MHz
Support Interface:Micro USB MCX
Support Access:MCX
Dimensions 19 * 21* 8mm

Simply download the free android app to your android device and connect the ultra-compact TV tuner
to the connector port. Open the app, pick a channel, and start watching. That’s all there is to it.

1 x DVB-T Micro USB TV Receiver
1 x Wristband Antenna

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