Yunnan Puer Tea Raw Tea Cake 357g

Yunnan Puer Tea Raw Tea Cake 357g фото 1371

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Brand: 兰之元;
series: 2017 spring tea on the new;
Packing: package;
Packing type: Conventional cotton paper packaging;
Pu'er production process: Raw tea;
Pu'er tea vintage: Less than 1 year;
Package size: 2 people;
Package cycle: 1 week;
Frequency of delivery: 2 times a week;
Tea area: Linyi Tea Area;
Whether it is organic food: no;
Special product category: Pu'er tea;
Place of origin: China Mainland;
province: Yunnan Province;
city: Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture;
Price segment: 100-199 yuan;
shape: Cake tea;
Whether to import: Domestic;
net weight: 357g;
Production license number: QS5301; 1401; 1104;
Product standards: GB/T22111;
Factory name: Yunnan Dayu Ke Tea Industry Co., Ltd.;
Factory address: No. 175, Hewai Village, Jiaozishan Tourism Line, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province;
Manufacturer contact: 0871-65191922;
Ingredient table: Yunnan big leaf seed tea;
Storage method: Clean, odorless, ventilated and breathable;
Shelf life: 16888;
Food additive: no;
Production Date: March 01, 2016; to; April 05, 2017;

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